Re|engage 2017

At the end of 2015, after 7 ½ years, I took a yearlong personal sabbatical from SKAD. During my time away, I was able to gain a fresh perspective and vision for the ministry and I would like to invite you to participate in re|engage 2017 with us. 

For 2017, the plan for SKAD is to step back from the Nation-wide outreach effort with Warped Tour and to go back to the main focus and vision, which is providing a safe community for at-risk/struggling teens local to Tyler.

At the beginning of 2016, SKAD left our facility in West Tyler and relocated downtown at a coffee shop. A host of volunteers continued meeting weekly with our teens and participating in one-on-one mentoring, however throughout the year, the volunteers dwindled, but the teens remained in attendance. In December at the end of my sabbatical, my husband and I, felt the burden to step back in and lead SKAD together as a team. It was truly perfect timing because our youth-outreach volunteer, at the time, sensed God was directing her in a new path.

Here we are, 2017 and ready to re|engage with the original vision and mission and here is how you can participate:

1.    Pray without ceasing for our outreach, the teens, and our future staff and volunteers

2.    Volunteer
     a.      Administrative assistant, grant writing, accounting, fundraising, communications, etc
     b.     Serve on our board
     c.      College-aged community night leaders and mentors

3.     Contribute financially (a few examples on where funding would go, are listed below)
     a.      Secure a new facility downtown so we can broaden our reach in the city (This is an immediate need)
     b.     Staffing, Operating, administrative, and program expenses
     c.      Mental health first aid training for our staff and volunteers

Without your help, teens in need, will miss out on services that they so badly need. Together as a community, we can offer that same faith based safe-haven, catalyst of hope, outreach effort to the struggling teens in our neighborhoods. Thousands of lives have been radically impacted since 2008 through this ministry and I have hope that with your help, it will continue.

Thank you,
Estella Adair

*Please note that if you choose to financially contribute monthly or make a donation over $500, to our 're|Engage 2017 fund', you will be included in monthly updates and also invited to a SKAD luncheon in 2017.